Reduce the noise,
not the love

Earplugs made for parents with sensitivity to noise.

Rest assured that you will still hear your children and everything else that happens around you when you use Loop Experience earplugs.

Loop Experience earplugs reduce the volume of everything around you by 20 decibels. They filter the sound, but do not block it entirely.

You'll forget you're wearing earplugs thanks to the European design which sit flush in your ear and come in 3 sizes.

peace of mind

I have major struggles with my sensitivity to certain every day sounds, Loop earplugs allow me to be present with my daughter and have a sense of calm. Thank you for this great product. It’s a big part of my daily life.

for parents with
sensitive hearing

Loop Experience was designed to help both new and experienced parents deal with their loud reality, while still being able to good care of their kids.