Earplugs for festivals & raves

Glastonbury. Tomorrowland. Coachella. Lollapalooza.  

Hearing these names is enough to make you wild with excitement. Festivals and raves are special. 

They’re a place to escape to. To lose yourself in the moment and swim in a sea of sound.  

With raves that go on for 24 hours and festivals that last for days, your ears are blessed with sweet music for a long time. There’s nothing better than that.  

But it can come at a price.

All it takes is 70dB

When you’re exposed to sounds from 70dB and up for long periods, you damage your hearing. The trouble is that festivals and raves usually range from 100dB - 120dB.  

That ringing in your ears after an epic weekend is a sign of damage. It’s getting to be quite a problem – many suffer from tinnitus and over a billion of us are at risk of hearing loss.  

So how do you protect your ears?

Your festival kit

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Music festival earplugs – we’ve got your ears

We’ve all had unforgettable moments at festivals and raves. And we want that to continue for years to come.  

Our purpose is to prevent hearing damage that stops you from embracing those moments.  

So we designed Loop Experience earplugs for festivals, raves and other events. Other earplugs can be experience-killers by muffling and distorting sound. 

But the ones we’ve crafted aren’t like the others.

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We’ve made sure the earplugs don’t just sound good – they look good too.  

The attractive ring design comes in a variety of colors and fits neatly in your ears. The earplugs won’t stick out, and you’ll feel confident wearing them the whole time.


With memory foam and silicone ear tips, they’ll nestle snugly in your ears. The tips come in 4 different sizes too, so you can find the perfect fit.  

You can dance away as madly as you like – these little guys will stay put.

Sleep soundly 

Camping out at a festival? Sleep doesn’t always come easy. These festival earplugs will help create a quiet, tranquil environment for you to rest up and do it all over again the next day. 

  • “Tested these out at a Rammstein concert, they work excellently. Great sound fidelity and a really great fit.”

    - Elise F.
  • “I bought these to wear at a concert this past weekend and it was the best experience! I will never go to another concert without them again! It was a game changer.” 

    - Samantha M.
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Live life at your volume

Don’t let anything get in the way of all the exciting experiences festivals and raves can bring.  

Embrace those moments without a care in the world – your ears are in safe hands.

Order yours now

You have 100 days to return them – free

No hard feelings.

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