What makes an earplug great for concerts?


If you're a regular concert-goer, you know that concerts can get pretty loud. Uptill a point where you can't only hear but feel the bass running through your body. It's a great feeling but there's a downside to it: hearing damage. With an earplug designed for concerts, you'll get to enjoy that feeling without having to worry about any negative side effects.

But what makes an earplug great for concerts? It all comes down to these four features: 

  • Sound quality
  • Sound reduction
  • Comfort
  • Looks

Feature 1: Sound Quality

Artists, bands, and DJ's fine-tune their music to give it a specific sound. During a concert, you'll want to hear the music like they intend it to sound. You want as little distortion as possible. The reason most earplugs distort sound is that they block your ear canal off completely. To counter this undesired side effect, earplugs must have a resonance chamber.

Loop Earplugs - acoustic channel

There are different ways to include a resonance chamber in an earplug. At Loop, we went for an innovative approach and designed a hollow acoustic channel that acts as a resonance chamber. Sound waves enter Loop via a small opening and travel through the hollow channel on the inside of Loop, with a natural sound experience as a result.

Feature 2: Sound Reduction 

Ever came home from a concert with a ringing in your ears? That's called tinnitus, one of the first signs of hearing damage. No need to freak out right away because it might be just temporary. 

Your ears can only cope with a sound level of 85 decibels. The louder it gets, the higher and faster the risk of hearing damage will be. Most concerts easily reach sound levels at and above 100 decibels. At this level, 15 minutes is all it takes to damage your ears. And because no good concert ever ended after 15 minutes, earplugs are the best solution to enjoy longer without any worries.

Earplugs - db Scale

With earplugs for concerts, it's all about finding the right balance between protection and experience. At Loop, we have found that the perfect balance often lies around a 20dB sound reduction. It lets enough music in for you to enjoy concerts to the fullest while staying protected up to 105dB. Which is just what you need if you find yourself at a heavy rock concert or front row next to screaming hordes of fans.

Feature 3: Comfort

Insert Earplugs

An earplug can sound awesome and protect your ears from damage, but no one is going to wear it when it's uncomfortable right? Treat your ears and yourself to a comfortable earplug that stays put even when you're dancing like a maniac. 

Comfortable earplugs have four things in common:

  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Stay Put
  • Have a soft contact and tailored fit
  • Don't stick out

The cross off all the above, you need to evaluate the earplug's ear tip. This is the part of an earplug that sits directly in your ear canal and determines a lot of its comfort level.

Your ears are as unique as your fingerprints. So there's not just one ear tip (or earplug) that fits everyone. The goal is to find one that fills your ear canal completely and sits tight. Doing so, you make sure all sound that enters your ear passes through the earplug's acoustic chamber and the sound reducing filter. As a result, music will not only be reduced but also sound better with less distortion.

More and more brands include multiple ear tips with their earplugs. These vary in sizes and (sometimes) in materials. At Loop, we offer six different pairs of ear tips: foam and silicone in both small, medium and large. The biggest advantage of multiple eat tips is that you can take your time and try them out at home. Plus, you'll always have plenty of spare sets.

Feature 4: Looks

Loop Earplugs - Swinging Silver

It's not because concert venues are rather dark that you don't want to look good while you're there. There are two options:

  • A discrete earplug 
  • An earplug with a design that improves your outfit

If you prefer to wear a discrete earplug the best option for you would be getting a transparent or nude version. In darker environments, like concert venues, this will make them (almost) invisible that's is, of course, if you're seeing them from the side. Most transparent earplugs do stick out a little bit so they'll be noticeable when you're facing someone. 

Another option is to get an earplug you want people to notice. Whether that's because of the design, color or just because you don't mind them showing. It may come as a surprise to you but the look of most earplugs has improved the last years. In fact, there are even a few brands that look cool. The best example? Loop earplugs. 

The 7 best-selling earplugs for Concerts

Now that you know the most important features of an earplug for concerts, it's time to check out the 7 bestselling concert earplugs!

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