1 of a kind
18 carat gold,
120 diamonds
Loop redefines what an ear plug can look like
Let's shine together
Let's shine together

Many would live a healthier and better life if we wore earplugs every now and then. Yet most of us refuse.

Why? Because ear plugs are ugly and boring, right?

We created Loop Bling to change that image: the world’s most exclusive and stylish ear plug.

Loop Bling
One of a kind Loop in massive red gold with 120 diamonds. Made in Antwerp, Belgium.


Loop Bling was revealed on March 3rd (World Hearing Day) through a giveaway contest.

Over 6000 participants joined from 100+ countries, hoping to take home the Bling.

In doing so, they shared the campaign helping us break the taboo around ear plugs being boring and ugly.

For now it remains a one off - but sign up to our newsletter if you want to be the first to know about a next edition.

Live life at your volume
Live life at your volume

Loop's mission is to empower you to live your life at your volume by filtering the noise in style.