Earplugs for Musicians

Earplugs for Musicians

These are great, for use as a musician and in day-to-day life. I'm getting older and want to take care of my hearing after enduring a lot of loud concerts and practises over the years. Custom-moulded earplugs always seemed too expensive but I found the perfect mix of price and quality with Loops. And best of all, they fit my tiny ears! Earplugs are frequently too big for my ears and won't stay in place so I was really happy to find they included a size of tips that fit, and comfortably at that. I wear these when jamming with other musicians, attending concerts, using loud tools, or trying to sleep when my downstairs neighbour's dog is barking. - Alena F.  - Loop ​​Experience Pro

Musicians’ ear plugs can prevent ear damage in the first place and may stop it from getting worse. Here’s everything you need to know about earplugs for musicians

Why do musicians use ear plugs? 

Musicians are regularly exposed to very high sound levels which could have short- and long term effects. In the short term, it can cause ringing. The ringing you usually hear the morning after a concert or festival. But if it carries on over a long period, this exposure can lead to tinnitus or, in the worst case, loss of hearing. Professional musician earplugs can significantly reduce this risk. They allow you to hear music just as clearly, but at a much lower decibel. This makes it less likely you’ll damage your hearing and more likely you can continue your passion. 

What ear plugs do musicians use? 

There’s a wide range of earplugs for singers and musicians available on the market that range from:

  • Generic earplugs
  • These earplugs are widely available online and in your local pharmacy. They are designed to dampen sound, which means all incoming noise becomes less clear. While generic ear plugs are very cheap, they are not the best earplugs for musicians because they significantly distort what you hear. 

  • Professional musician earplugs
  • Specially designed musician’s earplugs, like Loop Experience (Pro), provide high fidelity sound quality. While they block noise, they offer flat attenuation. That means music is still crisp and clear, but up to 20 decibels lower. These high-quality earplugs for musicians cost a little more than generic earplugs, but allow you to hear music much more clearly. 

  • Custom earplugs for musicians
  • Custom musicians’ earplugs offer very high fidelity sound quality, while also being shaped to your ear and the kind of music you play. Custom ear plugs are significantly more expensive and you’ll have to attend an appointment with an ear specialist – you can’t just order them online. 

    What are the best music earplugs for my specialism?

    If you regularly play in a band, orchestra or sing solo, investing in a set of musician’s earplugs is a very smart move. 

    Do singers wear ear plugs?

    Yes, many singers protect their hearing with earplugs. A set of earplugs for singers will reduce the sound your eardrums are exposed to, while still allowing you to clearly hear your backing band to stay in tune. 

    Do guitarists wear ear plugs?

    Yes, many guitarists choose to wear noise reduction earplugs for musicians. The best music ear plugs are comfortable, reduce the levels of noise you’re exposed to, and come in a variety of colours to match your look. 

    Do drummers wear ear plugs?

    Yes, many drummers protect their hearing with ear plugs. The best earplugs for drummers need to minimise noise while allowing you to hear the rest of your band. They therefore need to reduce the decibels you’re exposed to, while maintaining clear sound. 

    Loop Experience (Pro) – professional musician earplugs

    Whether you play music for a living, regularly jam with your friends or sing professionally, the ability to hear clearly is absolutely vital. That’s why we created Loop Experience (Pro). Able to reduce noise by up to 20 decibels across low, mid and high frequencies, our musicians’ ear plugs provide high fidelity attenuation which means you can make music without worrying about your hearing.