Experience for Meditation

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Loop’s founders - both engineers by training - designed the earplugs to be ergonomic and provide premium noise reduction. The unique filter reduces noise by 20 decibels, which allows you to tune out the outside world and focus on yourself. Find your zen with earplugs that look great and provide excellent sound isolation.

The New York Times: “Best earplug 2020”
Wired: "You've never seen an earplug look this good."

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    100K sold

    What you get

    No matter your ear size, Loop Earplugs will be sure to fit. Each set comes with with several ear tips, letting you choose from either silicone or foam - for ultimate comfort. 

    The Perfect Fit

    Loop are ergonomically designed in Europe and come with 6 different sets of ear tips, so you can easily find your perfect fit.

    No Electronics

    Our earplugs are engineered with no electronics involved. Just put them in your ears and enjoy the quiet. They are also washable and reusable.

    Lifetime Warranty

    These aren't cheap foam plugs you're buying. We stand by the quality of our work and offer a lifetime warranty, as well as no-hassle returns.



    "Loops stand out as something of a fashion statement"