That awkward moment your night turns into the Schlagerfestival

That awkward moment your night turns into the Schlagerfestival

Hi, I’m Ellen.

I was a student digital marketing @ EHSAL Management School and now I’m responsible for the PR here @ Loop. I am a dog lover but own a cat. I start each day with a smoothie in my effort to get fit but I dream of the day pizza becomes healthy. When I go out, red wine is my preferred sidekick.

More wine

Here at Loop, I’am not only an intern. I’m a content crafter, a social media geek, an inbound driver but most of all a nightlife evangelist with the sole purpose to improve your nightlife experience. I’m here until the end of June. Right in time to put in my Loop earplugs and head for a summer of festivals.

When life gets better

Summer is without a doubt my most favourite time of year, and that’s not because of my birthday in July. Drinks get colder, music gets louder and life gets better, especially at the festivals. I’ve done both big and small festivals. For me it began at Rock Werchter and now I’m stressing every February in my effort to get Tomorrowland tickets. This year I got 4 tickets, which would be epic if I wasn’t in Canada at the time of the festival. I comfort myself with the fact I made 4 friends really happy. And the fact that the ticket fee I saved, is enough for at least 4 day tickets to other festivals. So Pukkelpop here I come!

Tomorrowland 2016

Catchy Schlager EDM

Tomorrowland is all about EDM, and that’s most definitely a genre I’m in to. But it’s not the only one. When I’m in the car I prefer any song with catchy lyrics I know by heart. That other people sometimes stare at me when I drive by doesn’t bother me that much.

When I’m at my best friend’s house we usually listen to more commercial songs. But by the end of the night, when we’re drunk, we’ve transformed the whole place into the ‘Schlagerfestival’. That’s an annual festival in Belgium where the biggest stars in Schlager music meet.

Schlagerfestival 2016

Turn up your internship (or workday)

While my car rides are filled with catchy lyrics my days here at Loop are filled with energetic songs. I’ve made a Spotify playlist with some of my favourite tracks for while I’m working. It’s mostly electronic music, but I’ve also included some Belgian Schlager music to spice it up. Enjoy!

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