My teacher put Daft Punk on the map

My teacher put Daft Punk on the map

A little piece of music history.

I just realised I have a pretty damn cool teacher. His name is Peter Decuypere, and he’s the founder of I Love Techno in Ghent and the club Fuse in Brussels. Now he uses his experience from back in the days to teach youngsters like me about conversation management and how to create a content plans etc. He also wrote a book or three.

He and I share the same love for Daft Punk. We both own Homework on vinyl. But he actually saw the duo up close (or should I say he met them Face to Face) back in the 90’s. He had the opportunity or the freaking balls to book them for a show and see them play in real life at his own club named Fuse, one of the first techno venues in Brussels.

Peter Decuypere I love Techno Daft Punk
Peter Decuypere I love Techno Daft Punk

Peter Decuypere on the left holding the poster of the first I Love Techno event in 1995.

This was before Daft Punk used the iconic masks. During one set Thomas Bangalter’s jack disconnected. This created a distortion in the music. Instead of panicking, Thomas did the most badass thing he could and used the sound as a sample and just kept rolling and scratching.

The crowd loved it, and a new level of music was unlocked. You can find recordings of the night in the video below. The moment of truth is around 12:24.

They are Human After All

This set sounds a lot like the Alive 1997 album. The album is definitely worth checking out. It is just like its famous younger brother Alive 2007 a recording from their tour. Want more, keep reading.

Begging my parents for Homework

I got to know Daft Punk by watching MTV and the hit list on Saturdays. In 2006 my parents would take me, a 14 year old kid, to Lille (France). There I found Daft Punk in the vinyl section of a music store. €25 each (Homework and Discovery). I was stoked. I had to have them. And not just 1. Choosing between Discovery and Homework is impossible. This was no time for compromises.

Normally I wouldn’t bother my parents with the craving for earthly possessions, but this opportunity was too big of a deal to skip. Long story short I got them both.

I had a blast listening to all these super famous tracks, not yet realizing I would one day meet the person who was there at the beginning of it all.

A dive into the meaning of Daftendirekt

As if having Daft Punk play at your club is not cool enough already, I was about to be amazed again.

I learned that Daftendirekt was in fact a wordplay on Daft en direct French for Daft live. Connect the dots together and you figure out that Daftendirekt the first track on the iconic album Homework is a live track recorded during an I Love Techno party in Ghent, again hosted by this teacher of mine Peter du Fuse.

Daftendirekt at Fuse Ghent
The Daftendirekttour 1997 was born aka Alive 1997. Sadly Thomas Bangalter didn’t use ear protection and started suffering from tinnitus. Everybody has an excuse right?

An inter5tellar journey through 5pace and time

The music that played at the rave that night in the mid 90s, was also playing when I studied for this teachers exam. Coming full circle again. Weird isn’t it?

In a way it feels like time travel. Travelling back in time past those Saturdays where I would watch the MTV, and back to the beginning of it all, Club Fuse and I love Techno. Sometimes I would imagine me being in the crowd that evening at the discovery of DP.

Life has a weird way of unveiling itself. Piece by piece, bit by bit.

Just like my great examples I would like to make an extra shout out to Peter du Fuse for believing in Daft Punk and bringing music to the masses.

Homework on vinyl front and back

Peter du Fuse = Peter from Fuse.

Mr Decuypere if you are reading this, please use your connections and make the tour Alive 2017 happen. We could all use something against the hangover 2016 left us with (for more hangover tips check this article).

TLDR: a teacher of mine and his club are credited on the album Homework form Daft Punk for the contributions made. Daftendirekt is a live track from an I Love Techno party in Ghent.