How to throw a great House Party

How to throw a great House Party

Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own house party? If you’re a nightclub connoisseur, there are times when you criticize features of a club or bar. Thinking, “This is cool, but it could be better.”

No wonder even hardcore party animals get bored with their local nightlife after a while. Maybe it’s hearing the same old remixes every weekend. Maybe the crowds aren’t exciting anymore and you just want to stick with friends.

No worries! With this handy guide, you no longer need to go out to look for a good party. By turning your home into a private, customized club, the party will come to you. Read on to find out how to set up a house party to remember.

1. Set the mood

Set the mood with lights and decorations inside as well as outside. Start with the most basic mood creator: lights. Install strips of LED lights to make guests feel like they’re living in a kaleidoscope. Bonus points if you can change the color via remote, control switch, or something similar. Go for soft blue and purple light to imitate a big club.

Garden Party

You can even use lights as decor. A panel of multicolored lights on a wall would add instant interest to your home.

Don’t forget to arrange furniture in a way that encourages people to socialise. After all, that’s what parties are all about! Set up chairs and couches in small groups so it’s easy for people to mingle and talk to each other.

2. What’s a house party without music?

The next level of setting the mood is to curate the ultimate house party playlist. Finally, you’ll be free to listen to whatever you want! It may be tempting to fill a playlist with your favorite beats. That way, you can educate your friends with your “superior” music taste. But try to mix in a few crowd pleasers with your indie trap/house/techno/whatever stuff. Everyone will love it when a song they can all sing along to starts playing.
Get some inspiration for your playlist right here.

With all the singing and loud music, it’s going to get pretty hard to hear each other. That’s where the next step comes in.

3. Tech

Next you need proper equipment, for safety and fun.

What kind of party would it be if no one could hear your killer playlist? Invest in a high quality sound system. Test it out beforehand to make sure you can hear the music in every room. You can do this by distributing speakers around the house, or just playing your music really loud.

No one wants to go to a party then come home with an ear problem. Tell your guests to bring a set of quality earplugs. These will help filter noise, so people can talk properly despite loud music. They will also save you from hearing damage. In short, they’re an absolute essential for parties.

4. Fun extras (snacks, drinks, earplugs)

Now that you have all the necessities, it’s time for the fun stuff! Stock up on yummy snacks and lots of drinks. Also ice. And water. It always sucks to run out of water. You’re going to need a full kitchen to keep your guests, and thus the party, going all night.

Snacks Table

It may be a good idea to have a few extra earplugs also. Some guests might forget to bring their own. Or they’ll be walk-ins who had no idea that you specified earplugs when you invited people. Either way, keep some handy! To ensure they don’t get lost, make people put down a deposit when they borrow. They can get their money back before they leave, when they return your earplugs. Be a fun host, but also a responsible one.

5. And the last thing your house party needs: YOURSELF

On that note, no party will be fun if the host isn’t involved. Talk to everyone who comes in! Ask what they think of your playlist. Check if they need anything to drink or if they have trouble finding the toilet. It’s important to be aware of all your guests, not just your close friends.

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