Earplugs for Tinnitus and Tinnitus Prevention

Earplugs for Tinnitus – A Soothing Solution

If you suffer from tinnitus, you may have tried all sorts of things to alleviate or control it.  At times, you might feel you would do almost anything to make that sound stop, be it hissing, ringing, clicking or any of the other varieties that this irritating condition can come in. 

Like many irritants, the more you focus on it, the worst it gets, and the best solution is to try and relax and ignore it. But that can be easier said than done, particularly when some sound may actually help more than silence, but other sounds can make your tinnitus feel worse than ever. How can you relax when this noise will just not leave you alone?

Aside from managing the tinnitus you have, you absolutely do not want to do anything to make it worse. So does that mean that going anywhere with loud noise is out of the question? No more concerts or sports events, no shows or children’s parties, because the noise might trigger or worsen your tinnitus? It does not have to be this way.

Earplugs for tinnitus – really?

You are right. Earplugs will not make your tinnitus go away. But they can make it much more manageable, help stop it from getting worse and open up those parts of life that may have seemed out of bounds. The best earplugs for tinnitus will not just muffle everything in the pursuit of protecting your hearing, they will just turn it all down and let you hear what you want to hear clearly. Loop earplugs are not just a roadblock in your ear. They are filters that let some of the sound through without distortion, while blocking the rest. With your Loop earplugs in place, you can carry on with your life without dreading the next loud noise. 

We cannot stop your tinnitus, but we can help you manage exposure to sounds that could exacerbate or worsen it. Loop Experience and Loop Experience Pro will take everything down a few notches while still letting you hear with clarity. Perfect for concerts and other occasions where you want to hear, just not quite so much! For when you need to really focus or just sleep, try Loop Quiet for an even greater reduction that will still let you hear important sounds like alarms.

Stylish and Practical

Of course, reducing the noise is only part of the story. If they are uncomfortable or look ridiculous, earplugs are not fit for purpose however well they work. Loop have you covered there too. Their earplugs are designed to be worn for hours at a time and come with a range of ear tips to fit all size of ears. They can fit flush in your ears, making them perfect for sleep, or be accessorised with rings in a range of colours. They are as individual as you are.

Do not let your tinnitus hold you back from doing the things you love. Take control of it instead of it controlling you and turn down the volume of the world!

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