Earplugs for Misophonia

Earplugs for Misophonia – Hear the World on Your Terms

The world is a noisy place – for some of us, it can be unbearably noisy. If the sounds other people make by breathing, swallowing, chewing or fidgeting drive you to distraction, or the constant tapping of a keyboard or windscreen wipers make you want to scream, you may have misophonia.

Understanding of this condition is still in its infancy. We do not know how many suffer in this way, but the thousands of members of online support groups confirm that you are absolutely not alone if some or all of these sounds make you angry or disgusted. You probably try to manage your sensitivity by avoiding the sounds that irritate you, but we live in a world full of people, and people cannot help themselves from making sounds, even when they are doing nothing. 

What you need is a solution that lets you hear what you need and want to hear without hearing so much of those other sounds that cause you stress, anger or anxiety. 

Your Personal Volume Control

Perhaps you have tried earplugs before, or perhaps you have avoided them because blocking out all sound is just not practical or safe – we all need to hear people talking to us and warning sounds like sirens and fire alarms, after all. Loop earplugs are different. They let you hear what you need to hear with clarity while turning down all those other sounds.

Why Are Loop Earplugs Good for Individuals with Misophonia?

Loop earplugs are as individual as you are, making them one of the best ways of addressing misophonia you can get. 

Loop Quiet turns everything right down, but still lets you hear alarms or a baby crying. You can take the quietness that you need to focus with you wherever you go, and they sit flush in your ear so are discreet as well. 

Want to hear more but still dial things down a bit? Loop Experience and Loop Experience Pro reduce sound by around 18dB but still let you have a conversation and hear what is going on around you. Perfect for blocking out those low-level background noises that drive you to distraction without tuning out from everything around you completely.

Built for Life

Loop earplugs are not designed just for emergency use when noise gets too much – they are comfortable and come with a range of tips to fit all ears. You can wear them all day and sleep in them all night, and plenty of our customers tell us that they do just that! With no power source required as is the case with active noise cancelling devices, there are no limits. Either keep them flush in your ear or choose from the range of colours and make a statement. 

While there is no cure for misophonia, there is now a way to turn things down and make life bearable again. But don’t just take our word for it  - check out these testimonials from real people where Loop earplugs are making a huge difference!

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