Loop Earplugs for ADHD

Earplugs for ADHD – Take Control of What You Hear

If you have ADHD, you know that it is about much more than struggling to keep your focus and settle at anything. ADHD impacts all your senses, and everything just seems to hit you harder than other people. If you live your life in extremes like this, you are not alone. Lights may seem too bright, clothes feel too rough, and flavours are too strong. But in the manic world that we live in, one sense seems to be over-stimulated more than any other – your ears!

You can choose to close your eyes, and you can generally control what you touch and taste, but your ears are always on. They cannot be closed, and the only way to avoid noise that is too loud to cope with is to get it stopped at source or move to somewhere quieter. But how often are either of these practical – the workmen digging up the road outside your office are unlikely to receive a request to turn down their pneumatic drill very well, and trying to live anything like a normal life while only ever going to quiet places is a stretch to say the least!

How can you stop all the noise?

You cannot close your ears and you cannot stop the noise happening. So what is the answer? Perhaps you have considered earplugs, or even tried them in the past, but you will not have experienced anything like Loop earplugs. Why do we believe that Loop earplugs are the best for ADHD? Because they are different by design. 

Loop earplugs are not simple blocks designed to cut down all noise and leave you hearing a muffled mess. They filter the sounds entering your ears, so you can hear what you need to with clarity but with the volume reduced. Loop earplugs are what you have been looking for.

Choose your volume

There are two types of Loop earplugs available, but they are all super comfortable and come in a range of colours – there is no need to sacrifice your look to hear the world on your terms.

Loop Experience and Loop Experience Pro reduce the volume while letting you hear voices and music with clarity. If you need to reduce the volume a little more, add the Loop Mute. They can make events and places that you previously considered out of the question options again. Where would you go if excessive noise was not a consideration – a concert, a sports event, or just the shops when they are busy? The choice is yours.

Need to shut out all but essential sounds so you have the best chance of focusing? Loop Quiet may be exactly what you are looking for. Reducing most sounds to a quiet murmur, you will still hear alarms and other important noises. If noise is making it hard to sleep, they sit flush in your ears and come with a selection of sizes of ear tips so they always fit properly and will not fall out in the night. 

However you choose to use your Loop Earplugs, they are game changers for those of us who find the world just too loud at times. Don’t let a bit of noise stop you from living your best life – take back control! 

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