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5 Ways to prevent a hangover

The best way to avoid a hangover is without a doubt to lay off the booze. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done. To fend off possible nausea, headache and dizziness after a night out, use the following tricks to soften the damage.

1. A burger

Before ordering a beer, order a burger. Its combination of carbs, protein and fat, helps to ensure the alcohol doesn’t hit you too hard by processing the nasty by-products in it. Choose a burger with red meat and get a high concentration of amino acids and B vitamins as a bonus.

A burger to process all the nasty by-products

2. Milk

A burger with a glass of milk may not be the tastiest combination; it’s definitely the smartest one. Milk, rich in protein and fat, lines your stomach and limits the amount of alcohol that gets absorbed in your blood.

Milk for protein

3. Get some rest

Poor sleep won’t save you from a hangover, but it may contribute to the fatigue and irritability hangovers are often associated with . Being well rested will improve your immunity, which helps your body to get ready for a night of heavy drinking.

Sleep to improve your immunity

4. Vitamins

Alcohol destroys essential vitamins and other nutrients while your body is metabolizing it. By taking some vitamin supplements before going out, you help your body to get back in good shape at a quicker rate.

Vitamins for good shape

5. Water

Alcohol is diuretic, which causes you to pee more than you would when drinking the equal amount of water. Using the restroom too much may contribute to dehydration. A good rule, to avoid dehydration, is to drink a glass of water with every glass of alcohol you consume.

Water to avoid dehydration

Forgot to take your vitamins? Try some of these ingredients to cure your hangover!

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